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Pear Lime Nettle Jun Kombucha 12oz


Pear Nettle is a unique blend that encompasses classic northwest flavors. Nettle has been used for centuries as a common medicine because of its high mineral content, potent green essence, and respiratory support. This brew promotes expansive opening of the lungs, allowing deeper intake of prana (Life-Force Energy).

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Jun kombucha is the honey lover’s kombucha. Traditional kombucha cultures ferment with added cane sugar and black tea, Jun ferments with raw honey and green tea. This results in a vibrant probiotic rich tonic (4.2B CFU/ml) that has less caffeine and a healthier sugar source. We also infuse each flavor with adaptogenic herbs (stress reducing).


Ingredients:  Cascade Mountain Water, Jun Culture, *Raw Honey, *Green Tea, *Pear Juice, *Nettle, *Lime Juice *Apple Juice

*Certified Organic Ingredient



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