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Rosemary Marinara Sauce Heirloom Sicilian Organic 25.4oz


Made with 100% organic Corleonese heirloom tomatoes, our traditional Sicilian marinara is infused with handpicked Sicilian Rosemary from La Furtuna Estate.

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A woody herb with a pine aroma and distinctively sharp flavor, handpicked rosemary softens when infused into our farm fresh marinara sauce. Taste savory notes of Trapani sea salt, sweetness from Corleonese tomatoes, and hints of rosemary essential oils in Bona Furtuna’s Marinara Pasta Sauce with Rosemary.


Fed by natural spring water, rosemary shrubs are hand harvested on La Furtuna Estate, air dried by the Mediterranean breeze, and blended with our Original Marinara Pasta Sauce for a sweet and woody infusion of flavor. A Mediterranean shrub that has made its way into many world cuisines, rosemary adds a heavenly aroma to kitchen fare and has a place in everything from meats to vegetables to soups and cocktails.


Ingredients: organic crushed tomatoes, organic onion, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic rosemary, natural sea salt.


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