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Sea Buckthorn Tigernut Granola on-the-go 1.8 oz


A different kind of granola made with rare berries, sprouted buckwheat and no added sugar. A small amount goes a long way.

Erbology signature granola recipe blends raw tigernuts with sea buckthorn and aronia berries.

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Despite its name, tigernut is not a nut but a veggie root that brings earthy sweetness and packs a bunch of nutrients. Tigernuts have prebiotic properties. They can feed the good bacteria in your gut to support digestion and boost energy.


Just like tigernut not being a nut buckwheat is not a wheat. It’s a pseudo-cerial, naturally gluten-free and rich in minerals and vitamin B-6. Sprouting buckwheat makes it even easier for your body to digest. It also increases the amount of nutrients and helps buckwheat form co-enzyme Q10.


Sea buckthorn is a source of rare omega-7 fatty acids and beta-carotene. Aronia berries are high in anthocyanins. This powerful duo acts as an antioxidant and supports heart health.


Ingredients: 24% tigernuts, apples*, dates*, 10% sea buckthorn powder*, sprouted buckwheat*, pumpkin seeds*, raisins*, 3% aronia powder*, linseeds*, sunflower seeds*, sea salt. *Certified organic. This product may contain traces of nuts, sesame, mustard seeds, soy and celery.


Organic. Non-GMO. Vegan. Raw. Sprouted. Gluten-free. No added sugar.


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